Custom Residential and Commercial Construction

Antaya Development Inc. 

Q: How long does it take to complete a home?
A typical 3000-5000 square foot custom home takes approximately 8-12 months to complete.

Q: What does a house cost per square foot?
It depends on the amenities and finishes, prices may range from $130 per square and up.

Q: How much does grading cost? 
The cost of grading depends on how much dirt you are moving. If the amount of dirt to be moved is over 5000 quantity, their are environmental issues to deal with which lengthens the grading process. A typical cost per yard estimate for grading would be $25 per square yard. 

Q: What is the most popular style home Antaya Development Inc builds? 
Antaya Development builds an array of different home styles, which are customized to every home owner. The Spanish and Mediterranean styles homes are very popular, mainly because of the design, but also because they are very cost effective. Styles such as Craftsman or Victorian are desirable for many people, but are more expensive due to the level of finish.    

Q: I want to build my own custom home, How do I begin?
The first step would depend on if the building site is graded or not. Once the site is graded, you would work closely with Antaya Development to establish your ideal home design. We offer in-house design with hundreds of stock plans or you could always bring in your own home design. Once you have decided on a design, the building process will commence. 

Q: I need an architect, how should I go about finding one?
First you will need to decide if you want to hire an architect or a designer. The main difference between to two is cost. Architects tend to be more expensive, while designers are usually a more cost effective option. If you need help with your home design, contact Antaya Development to find out more about their in-house design services. 

Q: I want to buy land. What should I do to start this process?
If you are interested in purchasing land in Southern California, Antaya Development has a current inventory of land and can help find your perfect piece of property. 

Q: What are the main 3 components that increase a project's construction costs?
Many factors can influence your project's construction costs, mainly being the difficulty of your project's site, the complexity of structure, and the level of finish. 

Q: Where does Antaya Development Inc. build?
Antaya Development Inc. is located in Murrieta, California. We have built many custom homes in the Murrieta and Temecula Valleys, but we also travel anywhere within San Diego County, Riverside County and Los Angeles County. 

Q: What type of warranty does Antaya Development Inc provide?
As long as the home builder is currently living in the custom home, ADI provides a lifetime warranty to it's client. Repairs that need to be made due to the fault of the contractor will be made at no cost to the homeowner. Repairs that are incurred due to natural ware and tare will be done at cost. 

Q: What are some ways to finance a custom built home?
If the client has not purchased a building site prior to initially contacting ADI, we can help them locate property that fits within their general design criteria, plus we will be able to look at all available financing options together to find the best fit for their investment needs. It is always an option for our clients to do owner financing if that is the best choice for their individual needs.


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