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Craftsman Authentic


Lic #B1-782417/#A-1022275

"Our 4000 sq. ft. authentic "Craftsman" style home took nearly three years to design and build. The best thing to happen to the project was finding Marc Antaya. His experience in historic renovation and his ability to relate to what was important to me and to the project made him the absolute choice for our VERY unique home building challenge.
Life sent us away from California and after completion, we had to sell the home. We've kept in touch with the buyers and they are constantly finding details that impress them, after almost two years! No other builder, to my knowledge, could have made our house what it is. Marc and his crew chiefs were absolute, act-together professionals...and yes, I wrote this testimonial myself."

Square Footage: 4000 sq. ft

Antaya Development Inc.